• dino egg
    Dec 06
    Lecture: Maiasaura, Mother of the Year
    7PM - Dr. Shirley Woo, Ph.D. speaks on an examination of nesting behavior @ Main Conference Room of the Institute.
  • Raptor Rave
    Dec 09
    1989 Raptor Rave
    A whole new wave of extinct pleasures, with your host MC Ice Age. Time and location to be anounced.

D.I. Bulletins

  • Announcement Tomorrow is Hawaiian Shirt Day
  • Mandatory Lecture "Blasting You Way to the Lucrative Lecture Circuit" by Dr. Tina Lee, former Boneyard Team Leader. Attendance is mandatory for all graduate students.
  • House Sitter Needed Looking for someone to house-sit for one week while on a trip to Dinosaur National Monument. Must be tidy, responsible, trustworthy, fastidious, nonsmoker, no pets, no visitors, NO FUN. - Dr. Bernard Dunn
  • Notice Dino Institute Security reports that personal form Chester's & Hester's have been spotted loitering near The Boneyard. We remind everyone that these people are unwelcomed on Institute property. We ask that all students and staff cooperate in reporting any suspicious activity to Institute Security promptly. - Dr. Helen Marsh
  • Announcement Adventurous, Athletic, Tall, Well-rounded SWF seeks SM as a break from 3 month monotony. - SWF 19
  • Hey SWF Is that you Weinstein? Let's sit on the bus together into town. Okay? - ANIMAL
  • Notice LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, a little decorum PLEASE! - Dr. Bernard Dunn
  • Position Available Head of research at Dino Institute. Stable personality is a must! See Diana Sore, Museum director. 555-3466
  • Notice Young ladies & gentlemen, Please restrain your youthful exuberance and cease all loud conduct after 11PM. We "fossils" need our sleep. - Dr. Bernard Dunn
  • Dinosaur Film Series This week's double feature are Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend & Journey to the Center of the Earth. With the animated classic short Gertie The Dinosaur.
  • Notice The chandeliers are quite a bit older than yourselves. Please do not swing from them. We would loathe having to send someone back home in a plaster cast. - Dr. Bernard Dunn
  • Announcement Remember, road trip to the beach next weekend!! Bring your volleyballs and frisbees. - Jenny
  • Announcement Anybody seen my lucky wishbone? - ANIMAL


The Dino Institute is redefining how we study our planet's past, removing all boundaries in the advancement of knowledge.
Dino Institute scientist

High-tech Resarch

Here we represent the future of paleontology, always on the cutting edge of high-tech research. Through Chrono-Tech's advancements in the theory of relativity, we've pushed the limits of what is possible, becoming the leaders in scientific discoveries.

The Boneyard

Tradition Paleontology

Our institute is home to the richest deposit of dinosaur fossils in the country. Dr. Bernard Dunn and his team offer on-site classes in traditional paleontology for graduate students, making daily discoveries of the rarest caliber.

Every great advance in natural knowledge has involved the absolute rejection of authority. - Thomas Henry Huxley


You're only excited to learn when in a place you are truly excited to be in.
The Dino Institute


Since opening its doors on April 22, 1978, our state-of-the-art facility is a prestigious center of scientific advancements.
The Lodge

The Lodge

The lodge is an all-purpose facility, housing a variety of makeshift amenities.
Time Rover

Time Rovers

Our revolutionary CTX Time Rovers allow you to observe and study dinosaurs first hand, by traveling directly to the Cretaceous period.
on-campus job

On-Campus Jobs

Both on-campus and off-campus student jobs are available to assist our students in obtaining employment while they are attending D.I.
Limited housing arrangements are available in the lodge's bunk room.
Our on-campus museum is open to the public, showcasing our discoveries and inspiring students.
Gift Shop
Gift Shop
The Dino Institute gift shop is open 7 days a week.

Who We Are

A prestigious team of professors and leaders on the forefront of paleontology.
Dinoland USA, Florida